Millwright Services

  • Millwright Services - We don't just manufacture ... We install

Modern millwrights work with steel and other materials and must often combine the skills of other mechanical trades in order to successfully install industrial machinery or to assemble machines from pre-fabricated parts. Modern millwrights must also be able to read blueprints and other schematics to aid them in the construction of complex systems.

Millwright¬† as defined by Wikipedia above is a fairly good description of what we do. We produce machinery¬†that helps turn grain into feed, wood into charcoal, and every type of storage for food staples. We work in stainless steel as well as mild steel of all thickness’s and hardness to produce the product that meets your strength, storage, size and material movement needs.

We don’t just design and build it, we have the cranes, trucks and manpower to move it to your site, erect or install it correctly and then service the wearable parts when the inevitable service is needed years from now.

L&R Industries is the Midwest leader in Steel Construction and Fabrication.